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Ever wondered what’s so special about the Coriander Honey?

The Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herbaceous plant that is widely used as a spice in the Mediterranean, Indian, Latin American and Eastern cuisines. What is not known by many are its numerous benefits for the health.

The application of the Coriander as a herb is known 5,000 years ago. Ancient healers from the East and the Mediterranean used it to treat a variety of diseases. The Greeks knew the plant as a licorice and aphrodisiac. And to date it is known that coriander increases male potency.

Coriander seeds are used after pre-drying, which completely changes their otherwise not so pleasant smell when fresh. It is recommended for stomach problems of different origin, shortness of breath, cough. The essential oil, contained in the coriander fruits, stimulates the activity of the secretory organs and glands, thus helps the release of juice from the bile, liver, intestine, stomach and lung.

Coriander has a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying action – its intake helps clear the blood and liver from all harmful substances and stops the development of inflammatory processes.

Here are the other useful properties of the Coriander:

In case of diabetes – in combination with Cinnamon, it is a powerful means for regulating the blood sugar.

For liver detoxification and as a strong antioxidant – drink juice from its leaves on an empty stomach.

For weight loss – in combination with turmeric, they have a stimulating effect on the activity of the bile, liver and kidneys. Their increased secretion explains the toxins disposal, and hence the inevitable loss of extra pounds.

For skin inflammation – thanks to its essential oils and linoleic acid, the coriander has anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties, helping with swelling caused by this health conditions. It is also effective in swelling due to kidney failure or anemia.

For diarrhea, to prevent nausea, vomiting and stomach upsets – it helps digestion, proper liver function and intestines connection.

For blood pressure regulation – increases the interaction of the calcium ions and the acetylcholine, neurotransmitter in the peripheral and central nervous system and releases the pressure in the blood vessels, thus decreasing the chances of a number of cardiovascular conditions, including hearth attack and stroke.

For anemia – the coriander is high in iron, which is beneficial for the proper functioning of multiple organs; it increases energy and strength.

For menstrual disorders – because it is a natural stimulant and regulates the proper secretion in the endocrine glands, it helps regulate the menstrual cycles and decreases the pain during the female period.

For the eyes – due to the presence of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorus, the coriander helps to prevent eye disorderss, macular degeneration and decreases the tension and the stress of the eyes.

Why do we tell you all of this?

Because all of these beneficial properties of the coriander are present in our 100% Organic ORIGANIC Coriander Honey.

The Coriander Honey stimulates the formation and elimination of bile, increases secretion, improves digestion. It is useful in case of loss of appetite and is successfully used in various diseases of the stomach, duodenum, liver, pancreas. As it promotes digestion, Coriander Honey is also known for its effectiveness in losing excess pounds.

Effective expectoration agent during bronchitis and pneumonia. Its pollens contain antimicrobial action. Helps with stress and chronic fatigue, has antiseptic and analgesic action, slows heart rate. The consumption of Coriander Honey prevents the development of bacteria while its antioxidant ingredients help fight free radicals.

And do not forget – Coriander Honey increases potency that is why it is called “male honey“.

ORIGANIC recommends: One teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning and one after dinner. Enjoy!

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