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honeydew manna honey

The Honeydew Honey is a very rare and special kind of honey. Unlike the other honey types made of the blossoming plants nectar, this one is produced from the manna, the sugary liquid secreted by insects feeding on sap from oak or linden trees. The time for harvesting the manna is about two months and begins in the summer when there is no longer nectar.

Several genus beetles are found to cause tearing in the form of small droplets called honey dew. From the spots where these insects hurt the fragile young twigs and acorns to suck the tree’s juice runs out a sweet liquid collected by the bees. But the tireless bees also collect the sugars secreted from over 70 species of aphids – and convert them into manna / honeydew honey. These sweet secretions are not waste products from the aphids’ metabolism but sugars secreted from their bodies. Bees do not collect manna if it has less than 4% sugars or is dry and over-thickened.

ORIGANIC Honeydew Honey comes from the Strandzha Area – due to its centuries-old oak forests, the specific humidity and peculiarities of the soil and the favorable climate, this manna honey is considered one of the cleanest and with highest quality in the world.

The Strandzha manna, of course, does not fall from the sky, but has a divine nectar – colorless and sweet, full of beneficial substances that bees turn into honey.

Compared to nectar honey, honeydew honey has less sugars (72% vs 76%) and less water content, but the content of micro elements and salts is more than ten (some even claim to be 15 to 30) times higher. Exactly these qualities make the Strandzha Honeydew Honey an exceptional superfood beneficial for the humans.

What is unique about the Strandza Honewdey Honey is it has very high electrical conductivity – an indicator that depends on three components: the presence of organic acids, proteins and minerals in the honey. According to the international standards, the honey is real manna honey when its conductivity is equal or above 0,8 mS (millisiemens), and with the high-quality Strandzha honey this indicator always exceeds 1 mS.

Manna honey has a specific, greenish or dark color, sometimes almost black – it is easy to guess that this is related to the specificity of the raw material from which it is obtained.

It has very deep and intense flavor and light scent of burning. You may catch plum, caramelized cherry, port and black chocolate.


Honeydew Honey Benefits *

* The below statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Indisputable proof of the special qualities of manna honey is its rich content of vital vitamins (B1, B2, FP, B12 and B6), minerals, carbohydrates, folic acid, monosaccharides (glucose, levulinose, fructose) and high-molecular sugars (melicitosis). It is composed of a large amount of free amino acids and the mineral substances in it are between 5 and 9 times more than in light nectar honey types. These undisputable facts also determine the great healing power of the manna/honeydew honey.

Manna honey is used to treat liver, stomach and kidney disease. Recommended for viral and influenza infections, anemia and overwork. Improves blood circulation and balances the metabolism, it also has an antioxidant effect, increases and maintains the body’s defense. It is a natural energy source that stimulates the day-to-day activity of modern people and helps to overcome stressful situations.

Weight loss with honeydew honey

Manna honey is far from being a product that melts the extra pounds. But when consumed during weight loss diet, the body is not deprived of the necessary beneficial ingredients and at the same time gets support for fast fat burning.

For fitness junkies

Manna honey, especially when combined with bee pollen, is extremely useful for fitness lovers. The mixture is prepared from 100 g bee pollen and 400 g honeydew honey which should mature for one week before consuming it – 1 tbsp before each meal. It helps the growth of the muscle tissue, maintains it in good shape and promotes a good energy balance in the body of the active sportsman.

Against wrinkles

Manna honey can be used in masks to nourish and refresh the skin of the face – it contains valuable amino acids, with which the honey mask successfully helps improve cell membrane status, nourishes the epithelial cells and slows down the aging processes.

In case of anemia

Honeydew honey is recommended in cases of anemia just because the intake of small amounts of it stimulates the production of red blood cells.

In case of constipation

The components of honeydew honey balance the intestinal peristalsis and provide a soft laxative effect. Depending on the cause of chronic constipation, this product can be used in different ways. One option is to start your day with a spoonful of it, followed by a glass of warm water. The supportive mode is provided by the intake before each meal – i.e. three times a day, a small spoonful of honey with a glass of water. Of course, at the same time, you must stick to a diet with more fiber and liquids; eat more plant foods!

Honeydew honey for kids

Manna honey can do good work in the treatment of anemia or weakened immune system but it is possible that allergic reactions or abnormalities occur in the gastrointestinal tract which is not yet fully developed in young children, so it is advisable to be consumed by them after prescription by a doctor.


This type of honey does not contain pollen, so it can be consumed by allergic to pollen people.



Despite the proven positive effect of honeydew honey on the gastrointestinal tract and associated diseases, it should be known that its use in acute conditions of these organs is contraindicated. It is also to be avoided in young children up to the age of two. In pregnancy, with an apparent beneficial effect on the health of the future mother and her baby, the consumption of this honey should be approved by a doctor.

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