Bulgarian Rose Oil – the Liquid Gold

Rose Damascena

For centuries, the Rose has been one of the most widely recognizable national symbols. Bulgarian rose oil is unsurpassed in quality all over the world, as Bulgaria has nature and climate conditions that guarantee the perfect conditions for growing the cultivated Rose Damascenathe Kazanlak* oil-bearing rose. In our country, and more
specifically in the Rose Valley, is concentrated two thirds of the world’s highest quality rose oil. The Bulgarian rose oil is included in the European Register as Protected Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin.

The Bulgarian rose oil is used by world famous perfume manufacturers such as Cavalli, Elizabeth Arden, Emporio Armani, Bvlgari, Cacharel, Carolina Herrera, Chanel. During certain years the price of Bulgarian rose oil is approaching the price of gold, hence its name “liquid gold”.

The Bulgarian rose oil is a natural product obtained by water-steam distillation of fresh petals from Rose Damascena – one kilogram of rose oil is usually obtained from 3 to 3,5 tons of rose petals.

The by-products of this distillation are rose water, used in the perfume and food industry, rose absolule and rose concrete. The products obtained from the processing of the flower petals of the Kazanlak oil-bearing rose are used in the culinary industry as flavorings and coloring agents for making jams, liqueurs, wines and even rose honey.

What is Rose Damascena?

Rose Damascena or Damask Rose is one of the four species of oil-bearing roses grown in the world – the famous Kazanlak Rose grown in the Rose Valley is of this kind. The other three species are Rosa Centifolia, Rosa Gallica and Rosa Alba. The Rose family consists of about 150 types of roses, but most of them are decorative – the rose’s beneficial properties come from the rose oil, thus not every kind of rose could be used for medicine or cosmetic purposes.

The oil-bearing rose is widely used in aromatherapy and phytotherapy as a means of combating stress, anxiety and depression – its light aroma stimulates the production of pheromones, soothes and relaxes, gives confidence. It also has the ability to promote cell regeneration and increase skin elasticity and is therefore used in pharmaceuticals and anti-aging supplements.

It is important to know that natural etheric oils are highly concentrated and should not be applied directly to the skin. For cosmetic purposes, a few drops of base oil such as coconut or wheat germ are mixed in a glass container with etheric oil.

* Kazanlak is a Bulgarian town, located in the middle of the plain of the same name, at the foot of the Balkan mountain range, at the eastern end of the Rose Valley. It is the center of rose oil extraction in Bulgaria.

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